The Bemis Sugar House
Rte 8A

The Bemis sugar house gives you a unique experience. This sugar house has been operated each year since the late 1800's except for one due to illness in the family. The Bemis's tap about 700 taps (500 on tubing and the other 200 with buckets). The bucket sap is gathered with a small bulldozer and taken to the sugar house to be boiled. This sugar house will give you the opportunity to see an oil fired evaporator, 4 ft. by 12 ft. Leader "Special" and a reverse osmosis machine. Reverse osmosis is a high pressure filtration system to assist in removing water from the sap before boiling in the evaporator. The highlight of this stop will be a conversation with Bud, a real native Vermonter, who will be glad to tell you about sugaring in the "good OLE days".

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