The Dix Family Sugar House
5195 Rte 100

The Dix family sugar house located on Route 100, is a modern family run sugar operation. The family started sugaring in 1973, the original house has been turned into a storage building when the current sugar house was built in 1990. The Dix's have about 1000 taps (350 on pipeline and the remainder with buckets). The buckets are collected using a sled pulled by a tractor or small dozer. The sap is transferred from the various sugar lots to the sugar house by truck where it is boiled on a 40 inch by 12 foot lightening raised flue wood fired evaporator with a force draft blower.

Stop by the Dix Family sugarhouse to enjoy some family treats (homemade maple ice-cream & Granny's donuts) along with plenty of samples of hot maple syrup.

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