Maple Hill Farm, Steve Morse Family   
End of Abbie Morse Rd

"A picture is worth a thousand words", but witness it yourself and it is priceless! That is just what you will think if you visit the sugar house at Maple Hill Farm. Go back in time, walk into the woods on snowshoes, glide in on cross country skis, or ride in on a horse-drawn sleigh. You'll find that time stands still as you watch Steve Morse and his beautiful Percheron work horses collect hundreds of gallons of fresh sap from the eight hundred buckets, and deliver it to the sugarhouse.

Smell Vermont spring in its truest form as son, Jason, boils the sap in a wood-fired evaporator to produce the most delicate flavored "fancy" syrup you can taste.

Maple Sugaring has been a family tradition for generations. The whole process has changed very little from when Steve's father and grandfather did it years ago!



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