Sprague & Son Maple
1631 Rte 100

After sugaring for many years on the Sprague Farm in Whitingham, Marty, Karen, and son Rod agreed to host part of the 1992 Vermont Maplerama Tour. The Farms' being located in the woods and off the beaten trail while very functional, was not accessible to the public. Having enjoyed involvement in the Maplerama, the Spragues decided to build a new sugar house on a well traveled road and opening for the public to enjoy.

A recycled church building, native Vermont lumber, tons of concrete, and the help of family and friends led to the dream becoming a reality along Route 100.

Rodney Sprague, now 26, is the 6th generation of Spragues to learn the age old art of making pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

In addition to pure maple syrup, the Spragues also hand make maple sugar candies, pure maple spread, pure maple granulated sugar, and pure maple crunchies.


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