The Twitchell Family
1103 Town Hill Road

The Twitchell family is not new to sugaring, going back to when Clyde Sr. first brought the family to Whitingham from Braintree, MA in 1940. The current operation, although somewhat smaller is the newest sugar house on the tour, open only for three seasons and built by son, David, along with wife, Pam, and children, Jesse and Dave. The Twitchells get their sap from 460 taps (360 on pipeline, and 100 with buckets). The sap flows through the pipeline by gravity directly to the sugarhouse and the bucket sap is gathered with a tractor and wagon. The sap is boiled into syrup on a 30 inch by 8 foot wood fired Leader evaporator. The balance of the Twitchell family sugar lot is tapped by the Corse Farm.

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